Monday, 12 June 2017 10:19


We wish to advise that one of our trustees, Mr Damian Enslin, attended a Western Cape Dealers Forum meeting on the afternoon of 7th June 2017, which meeting was attended by Major General Bothma, the Commanding Officer of FLASH, as well as by Col. Van Lill, the WC Provincial FLASH Commander.

Mr Enslin raised two issues at the meeting - the amnesty as well as the apparent ongoing  operations to seize firearms from those with expired firearm licences.


With respect to the amnesty, Major General Bothma advised that SAPS submitted the terms of reference and conditions with respect to the amnesty to the Minister of Police and now await the Minister’s response. Thereafter the amnesty and its conditions will be submitted to  Parliament for approval.

Major General Bothma advised that the amnesty would be specifically aimed at persons with expired firearm licences, who would be granted an opportunity to submit new applications to their DFOs and that such persons would have a period of six months to do so. 

Major General Bothma also advised that the fact that one’s firearm licence had expired, would not be held against the applicant,  but he could not indicate as to whether it would be required of the firearm licence holder to surrender the firearm at the same time that he/or she applied for the new licence, and that this specific issue is in the hands of the Minister of Police.

SAGA is therefore hopeful that the amnesty will be submitted to Parliament this month, but with the recent appointment of the new Minister of Police as well as a new acting National Commissioner, it is possible that the amnesty may only be before Parliament next month, which would mean that the amnesty may be in effect from later this year.


At the WC Dealers meeting referred to above, we were advised by Major General Bothma, that in light of the former Acting National Commissioner’s directive of the 8th May 2017, and the court cases as well as the fairly imminent amnesty, that there should be no such operations or raids by SAPS to contact persons with expired licence and to seize such firearms.

Despite the above assurance from Major General Bothma, it always appears that it does take some time for the word to filter to all levels of the SAPS, and therefore, if any SAGA member who is in possession of a firearm with an expired licence, and who is contacted by a SAPS official, who does request that the firearm be surrendered, please contact our office and we will then bring this to the attention of Major General Bothma.

SAGA will of course keep its members up to date with regard to these important issues as things develop.

Issued: Monday 12 June 2917 at 10:00am