What our clients have to say.

  • 21 August'2014 | (Service from office)

    Good afternoon. I hope you are well. I have received my parcel today. Thank you for doing a good job. There is one thing I need to say and if there are more women like the ones working for PHASA, then we can change the world.

    Flip Jacobs

  • 4 Oct’ 2013 | (Provincial meeting)

    Please forward my thanks to Adri for a very successful Gauteng Provincial Meeting yesterday afternoon at PMP, she really done a great job.

    Herman Lemmer

  • 29 Nov'2013 | (PH Status)

    Baie dankie vir die Uiters Professionele diens. Dit maak mens trots om ‘n deel van PHASA te wees.

    Gert Rossouw

  • 20 Sept'2013 | (Permits)

    Thank you for PHASA’s good service to my clients, it really gives an outfitter peace of mind to know permits for rifles will be a smooth process.

    Louis Steenkamp

  • 28 Nov'2013 | (Permits)

    Thank you for getting the SA permit and arranging for the meet and greet in Johannesburg, it gives great piece of mind to have this all arranged ahead of time.

    Kelly Kovar

  • 25 Nov'2013 | (Convention)

    Dear Adri, Tersia, Joan, Marianna and Nonki,
    Congratulations and thank you to you all for yet another splendid conference and PHASA annual general meeting. There is every reason to state that it was another mile stone of excellence in your quest to continue providing members and guests with a truly worthwhile and memorable occasion. Your hard work in the planning and delivery of every aspect was so conspicuous and I have no doubt all was appreciated by everyone who attended to the extent that it will inspire many other members to attend in the future.
    Wishing you all the best of everything for yourselves and for PHASA!
    With gratitude and appreciation,

    Coenraad Vermaak

  • 18 Mar'2014 | (2014 African Heritage Gala)

    Hierdie is maar net ‘n kort boodskap om vir jou baie dankie te se vir al jou en die span se moeite met die “Gala Dinner” . Dit was voorwaar ‘n wenner . Dit was die derde jaar na mekaar dat ek en Hettie die geleentheid bywoon , en in my opinie was dit die beste een ooit . Jy en die span wat jou gehelp het , het seker gemaak dat almal wat dit bygewoon het dit baie geniet het . Al die moeite wat jy gedoen het gaan nie ongesiens verby nie .
    Baie dankie.
    Jan en Hettie Kleynhans

  • 11 August'2014 | (Electronic newsletters)

    Net om te bevestig dat ek nou wel die PHASA Nuusbriewe ontvang en dis baie lekker om 'n nuusbrief te kry met inligting wat van toepassing is en die lede op hoogte hou van sake wat ons almal raak. Die nuusbrief bring PHASA na my waar ek ookal is en die uitleg daarvan maak dit baie maklik om kliente op hoogte te hou deur net die links aan te stuur of gedeeltes wat van toepassing is. Dit het ook weer die hoeveelheid werk wat julle doen onder my aandag gebring.  Baie dankie.

    Ronel Otto

  • 12 May'2014 | (Temporary Import Permits)


    Well we're back in Canada now and we had an amazing time in SA. I just wanted to thank you & PHASA for providing an excellent service. We met Marcus as planned in Joberg. He was absolutely outstanding. Very personable & helpful. I'm very happy we used this service and highly recommend this to anyone traveling with firearms
    Darcy Knight
  • 3 Oct’2013 | (Provincial meeting & TV)

    Wou net se baie dankie vir n heerlik lekker en interresante streeks byeenkoms by PMP vandag. Het dit werklik insiggewend gevind. Ook vanaand se Wild en Wragtag insetsel gekyk en besef weereens hoe hard PHASA werk om die beeld van Proffessionele Jag te promoveer. Baie Geluk, jy kwyt jouself baie goed van jou taak.

    Charmaine Jansen van Vuuren

  • 25 August'2014 | (Temporary Import Permit)

    We are back home now after a Wonderful trip.  Your service was perfect and made the entry process very quick. Thank You and we very much enjoyed South Africa!

    Ray Chavez

  • 26 Mar'2014 | (Endorsements)


    Baie dankie vir PHASA se uitstekende diens aan hulle lede.



  • 17 May'2014 | (Sect 16A - PH Status)

    Hi Tersia,

    Wil net se duisend dankies vir jou hulp en vreeslike vinnige diens met my Dedicated status op my wapen aansoek. Ek het Vrydag al my nuwe PHASA I'd kaart en dokumente in die posbus gekry.

    Ek stel dit hoog op prys! Dis n plesier om lid van Phasa te wees.

    Charmaine van Vuuren
    Shingelani Safaris

  • 20 June'2014 | (Temporary Import Permits)

    Hi Tersia

    Hope you are well.

    Many thanks for organising my own and my clients temporary permits for our trip in May, absolutely outstanding service and worth every penny. It made my clients trip more memorable.

    Paul Hill
  • 05 Mar'2014 | (2014 Members)

    Good afternoon Tersia,

    I just want to say thank you so much for all your help and effort, You and PHASA have truly shown what it does for an individual member and has reminded me why it is important to belong to this association.

    Gianmarco Gualdi

  • 22 Jan'2014 | (Membership & PH Status)

    I must compliment the PHASA team on great service!
    Hennie is going to be ecstatic!
    Thank you so much once again.
    You have been awesome!

    Michelle van Jaarsveld

  • 03 Dec'2013 | (2013 Convention)

    Hi Nonkie, Adri, Marianna, Tersia and Joan,
    Thank you for the letter and especially for the kind hospitality by your staff and all the members at the AGM. You all always treat me so well when I visit but the kindness you and all the PHASA members bestowed upon Logan made his first visit to the Africa and the AGM the highlight of his young lifetime. My family travels with me to a lot of conventions and AGMs  and most everyone in the hunting community makes us feel welcome but your members and event are the tops. I wish I could thank all your members in attendance personally. In his own words Logan said “Dad, now I know why you like to come down here so much. Everyone is so nice!” I truly feel closer to a lot of you down there than I do my own extended family. Thank you again for letting Sports Afield be a part of your AGM and especially for being our African family to my family. They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat a child, well I’d say you can say the same about an organization.
    With Sincerest Regards,

    James Reed

  • 26 November'2014 | (2014 Convention & AGM)

    Dear Adri and the PHASA office,

    Congratulations on another VERY successful and well run AGM!

    The planning, work and execution of the whole event was 5-star and the entire office deserves a huge thank you from all the members that were present.
    Thanks again!

    Craig Maartens

  • 12 Aug'2013 | (Permits)

    Thank you Tersia!  Once again you have come through, I will look for the Bangy Travel person at the airport, when I arrive. Best regards (and thank you for all of your help).

    Mark Groudas

  • 24 November'2014 | (2014 Convention & AGM)

    I was fortunate enough to be invited by Howard Knott to attend your PHASA AGM this week.  I would just like to reiterate again how impressed I was with you, your team your president and your Exco.  I can see you run a tide ship that is well organised and the business runs like clockwork.

    As in most businesses in South Africa there are challenges and it is about how we manage those challenges so we insure we have a win win partnership.  Your guest speakers where excellent including Minister Derek Hannekom.  Please would you convey my sincere gratitude to your ladies in the office in the way they conduct their business, it was a pleasure to see.

    Adri to you and your staff once again thank you and have a fantastic festive season and all the best for 2015.

    Charles Vauqulin

  • 19 Mar'2014 | (2014 African Heritage Gala)

    Dear Adri and PHASA Ladies
    Thank you very much for a lovely evening. We enjoyed it very much and we are so glad that the auction had such wonderful results. Keep up the good work and thank you for the animals sculptures which we received as gifts.
    Kind regards
    Sonja and Neels Meintjes