About the Fund


About the Fund


PHASA takes it social responsibility seriously. In 2003, PHASA established the PHASA Conservation Fund. Initially, the aim of the Fund was to promote and directly fund worthy conservation projects. In 2005, the Fund extended its mandate, and its name was changed to the PHASA Conservation and Empowerment Fund.

Today, in addition to supporting conservation projects, the Fund also actively promotes the empowerment and upliftment of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities, primarily through direct funding of training and skills development programmes.

In recent years, the Fund has supported a number of important projects and organisations, including the Magqubu Ntombela Foundation, Conservation Force, the Dallas Safari Club Frontline Foundation, cheetah and Cape mountain zebra research projects, and the rhino anti-poaching programmes of WESSA, EWT, Wildlands Conservation Trust, Zululand Rhino Reserve and SANParks. The Fund is currently exploring opportunities for partnerships with rural communities to enable those communities to benefit from our wildlife heritage.

The Fund has a particular interest in training and education programmes. It has funded professional hunter courses for individuals from previously disadvantaged communities, and offers bursaries to individuals who are in the employ of PHASA members and wish to advance their career opportunities through further study.

It supports and contributes financially towards education initiatives such as Toys for Africa and Partners for Possibility. The Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC) in Hoedspruit, Mpumalanga has trained more than 1 250 students from previously disadvantaged communities in conservation management courses with funds raised by the Fund.

The Fund generates income through voluntary ‘Conservation Contributions’ given by clients hunting with PHASA members, donations from our members, our international and local affiliates, and corporate sponsors; and special fundraising events and projects.

Since its inception, the Fund has raised in excess of R15 million for worthy projects.

The Fund is a registered, non-profit company. It is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with the South African Revenue Services and may issue section 18A certificates in respect of donations made to it, allowing for the tax deductibility of these donations in the hands of the donor. Our policies, in respect of applications for funding and bursaries, are available on the PHASA website.

Our policies in respect of applications for funding and bursaries are available on the PHASA website: Access this link


A Memorandum of Incorporation governs the Fund. Below are some extracts. A copy of the full MOI may be obtained from our office at no charge.

The Fund is a non-profit company … with the following objectives:

  • To raise funds to promote and advance the objectives stipulated below
  • To promote and support biodiversity conservation in the Republic and elsewhere
  • To promote and advance broad-based black economic empowerment in the professional hunting and wildlife industries through training and education
  • To promote education and training in matters relating to professional hunting and biodiversity conservation
  • To provide logistical and financial support to PHASA
  • To promote and secure the future of professional hunting in the Republic
  • To promote the wise and sustainable use of the wildlife resources of the Republic through, inter alia, professional hunting
  • To support, commission, conduct and/or fund research in matters relating to the objectives stipulated above
  • To support, commission, initiate, manage and/or fund projects relating to the objectives stipulated above
  • To render services to the cause of professional hunting and professional hunters, with the object of enhancing the standards of professional hunting in the Republic
  • To grow the funds of the company so as to produce an income that will assist in financing the attainment of the abovementioned objectives.

Membership to the Fund:

  • Application for membership of PHASA also serves as an application for membership of the PHASA Conservation and Empowerment Fund, a non-profit company (NPC).
  • Registration and subscription fees are, however, only payable in respect of PHASA membership.  No registration or subscription fees are payable in respect of membership of the fund.
  • Only people with full membership and life membership are entitled to vote.